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Get to know the Brains in the Seif

We are a small team of gamers with an extreme passion to create and bring new experiences to gamers like ourselves. Whether you're a casual or hardcore gamer, SeifBrain has something in store for you.


The idea of becoming game developers came about a long time ago.


But we weren't ready to venture into developing games until now. With all the amazing game engines available that make it possible to do stuff never imagined. We figured why not show the world what we can bring to the gaming community. We know we have some great competition. But we welcome the challenge with grins of ambition.

We hope to bring you games on PC, mobile, and consoles. From platformers to MMORPG's you never know we may do things never seen before. So be ready to crack the combination to the Seif and unlock the true potential of your Brain.

Seifullah Abdullah


Instagram: keepingitseif


Twitter: quag91 

Nuruldin Abdullah

Administrative Partner

Instagram: DinoDollas

Twitter: DinoDollas

Talal Abdullah

Social Media Specialist

Instagram: djbarz

Twitter: UnderdogsSports

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