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Indie Game Studio

Our Story

Founded by a group of passionate gamers, SeifBrain is an indie game studio dedicated to creating captivating video games. Our portfolio includes RPGs, Shooters, MOBA, and more. We are committed to delivering immersive experiences that transport players to new worlds and challenge them with exciting gameplay mechanics. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in video games and we can't wait to share our projects with you.

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Our Team

Our team is made up of highly skilled individuals with diverse backgrounds. Our passion for games is what brings us together and drives us to create the best possible experiences for our players.

Our Process

At SeifBrain, we believe that great games are made through collaboration and iteration. We work closely to ensure that we understand our vision and goals for the project. From there, we use an agile development process to rapidly prototype and refine the game mechanics. We believe that testing and feedback are critical to the success of any game, so we involve a group of beta testers throughout the development process.


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