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time to unlock your potential as a gamer

"The greatest treasure is found in the toughest Seif (safe) to crack, and that is the human Brain."  -Gaming Guru of SeifBrain, 2017-

Welcome to Universe 6 or is this 7 or am I still living in a Dragonball Super Episode, maybe we're in a galaxy far, far, away...Naw we're in the coolest new web area on the internet. Welcome to SeifBrain, where not only do we level up and ascend, we transform and skill tree max games as you have come to know them. Our Mission is to design and develop new and exciting games that test players skills. Are you a Master of the Shooter Genre, or maybe you punch, kick, and EX your way to the top of the Fighter Food Chain. Or maybe you like to become the Hero or the Villain and RPG's are your beard and butter or do you join the elites in gaming society and dive into every type of genre with pure mastery. No matter your level of expertise, we will provide an opportunity for all of your skills. You never know we may venture into the MMORPG genre *Spoiler Alert* *wink wink*.

The potential of our games are unlimited and we hope in the upcoming years that you all will enjoy all we have to offer and continue to Keep Your Brain On Lock.


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